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Why Choose City Capital Realty?

20 Years of Experience

Partner with an experienced, knowledgeable and reliable hard money lender who understands your needs.

Fast Approvals and Funding

Same day loan approval is available. Loans can be funded within a week if needed.

Low Rates and Fees

Our interest rates and fees for hard money loans are among the lowest in the industry. CONTACT NOW for current rates and fees.

Extremely Satisfied Clients

Join our many satisfied clients who repeatedly use North Coast Financial for their hard money borrowing needs.

0.7% Monthly Interest Rate


Loan Amount Loan Amount Monthly Payment LTV
$1,000,000 0.7% $7000 65%
$3,000,000 0.7% $21,000 65%
$5,000,000 0.7% $35,000 65%
$7,000,000 0.7% $49,000 65%
$10,000,000 0.7% $70,000 65%

Rate and terms are subject to change without notice. Some restrictions may apply. Subject to credit approval

Who we are

We are Hard Money Loan specialist located in Los Angeles, California that is dedicated to providing the best loan programs to Borrowers. We offer extremely competitive rates and terms while providing prompt and professional service. We are always available to answer any questions or to assist our Borrowers at any time. We think outside of the box and we are always willing to go the extra mile. We focus on solutions not problems.

We represent and manage funds for private investors and private pension plans. The funds we manage are invested into the mortgages we originate for our Borrowers. We employ an experienced staff of professionals to process, fund and service our Borrower’s loans. We really want to help our Borrowers achieve their intended goals. We are persistent and determined to rise above any and all obstacles in our quest of funding our Borrower’s loan. We are passionate about our business and our borrowers can see it. City Capital Realty is licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate: License number 00667328

Construction Hard Money Loan

construction hard monye loans

Are you an experienced builder or borrower? For clients looking to build a new home or multi-unit property from scratch, City Capital Realty offers Ground Up Construction loans.

Due to the complexity of the ground up construction process, construction loans are for those with extensive rehab and/or new home building experience, not first timers. Particular attention is given to the project budget and plans as well as the general contractor’s qualifications and experience when qualifying for construction hard money loans.

 Our advantages

Not only can City Capital Realty save you time by searching hundreds of loan programs for you, but we can also save you money. We can offer you the most competitive interest rates with no up-front fees and reduced financing costs.

We specialize in providing bridge loans to property owners and real estate investors in need of financing outside the scope of traditional banks and lenders. Our streamlined process and extensive experience, guarantees fast and smooth closings. While traditional lenders could take months to close, we can complete the process in a few days.

Loan Program

How does the construction loan process work?

  1. Final plans specifications
  2. Construction contract
  3. Cost breakdown
  4. Description of materials
  5. General Contractor License
  6. Soft costs: (permit fees, engineering fees, architectural fees and any other costs).
  7. Hard costs: The actual cost of construction covering all materials and labor costs.
  8. Closing costs: These are costs associated with the closing of the loan, such as title cost, Escrow fee, loans fees, lender charges, loan document fees, appraisals, inspections, Phase I, II report.
  9. Contingency Reserve. A reserve account to cover all the unforeseen costs. A required 5% of the hard costs will be established in a contingency account.
  10. Interest Reserve

    Before loan closing, an account is established to pay the estimated interest costs during the construction period. So you do not have to make any mortgage payment during course of construction.

  • Loan Amount: $1,000,000 min
  • Loan to Cost: Up to 65%
  • Term: 18 months
  • Rate: Prime rate plus margin
  • DCR: 1.15
  • Permit fee must be paid in advance
  • Land must be free and clear
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During my twenty years in the business I have learned that information is power. Correct and up to date information is a corner stone of any effective decision making process.I prepared these booklets to enable real estate professionals and investors to obtain the information they need to make winning financial decisions easily.

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